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Even with a million distractions in the room, it’s hard to ignore Samia when she walks into a room, lost in thought, talking to herself as she figures out new ways to procrastinate. With an odd combination of introversion, charisma and go-getter spirit, Samia is an old soul who loves Bangla and Spanish music, and holds an intense passion for traveling. Samia cofounded Grumpy Fish while looking for something that would let her express her love for TV shows, music and books. You’ll always find the weirdest of movies and songs on her playlist, but if you take a leap of faith and follow them, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Fearless in taking risks, experimenting with new ideas and leading new projects, Samia oversaw production, and took care of Grumpy Fish’s artwork visualization and artist management. Although she is currently stationed abroad in pursuit of higher education, she continues to remain a valuable part of the Grumpy team.




“I’m shy, please come say hi” is probably the mantra Nobonita lives by. The tiniest oddball in Grumpy Fish, Nobonita is a hardcore introvert addicted to devouring spicy corn, petting dogs, and fangirling over the Beatles. She loves comics and adventures, and hates books and movies with sad endings. She’s always a bit too happy, and the first one to panic in any situation, despite being responsible for putting out fires most of the time.

It’s rather ironic that the introvert of the group is the one responsible for everything to do with people. Terminally afraid of making and receiving phone calls, she prefers texting more (Millennials, right?), and yet somehow is in charge of our marketing, sales, photography, ideation, content creation and even finances (which she isn’t likely to stop complaining about anytime soon). If you come across her on the street, say hello and crack a joke or something, because humour is her middle name (just kidding, she doesn’t actually have one).



Guardian Daemon

Nobonita’s even more spherical older brother, Abhijit is the latest arrival in the Grumpy pond. However, rumour has it that Abhijit isn’t actually his real name, as he is simply known as ‘Bhaiya’ almost universally. Breathing and living tech, books, music and video games, and making iced tea that even Gordon Ramsay would approve of, he is either grinning from ear to ear, silently pretending to be furniture, or wearing a scowl with a vengeance, depending on who you are to him.

Taking care of your orders and queries, managing the website, writing and proofing copy, creating the stellar designs for the site and page posts, spawning weird ideas and horrible puns, finding outlandish solutions to problems, tinkering with and optimizing systems and processes, driving people up the wall with his obsessively surgical attention to detail, and of course being a big fluffy brother, Abhijit is always the one to count on, whether we are in trouble or not.