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An old soul trapped in a young body. You can have a million distractions in the room, but when Samia walks in, it’s impossible not to notice her right away. You’ll always find the weirdest of movies and songs on her playlist, but if you take the leap of faith and follow them, you might be pleasantly surprised. With an odd combination of introversion, charisma and go-getter spirit, she cofounded Grumpy Fish while looking for something that let her express her love for TV shows, music and books. She is often found lost in thoughts, talking to herself and working on the next big thing churning in her head.

Currently on an academic sabbatical, Samia was previously responsible for art direction, artist management, production and motivating the Grumpy team.

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The tiniest penguin in the Grumpy menagerie, Nobonita is a hardcore introvert addicted to devouring spicy corn, petting dogs, and fangirling over the Beatles. She loves comics and adventures, and hates books and movies with sad endings. She’s always a bit too happy, and the first one to panic in any situation, despite being responsible for putting out fires most of the time.

Terminally afraid of making and receiving phone calls, she prefers texting more (Millennials, right?), and yet somehow is in charge of our marketing, sales, photography, ideation, content creation and even finances (which she isn’t likely to stop complaining about anytime soon). If you come across her on the street, feel free to say hi and crack a random joke or something.




Nobonita’s even more spherical older brother, Abhijit is the newest fish to enter the Grumpy pond, taking charge of designs, ideation, website management and optimizing any process he can get his hands on. He’s also the one answering most of your inbox queries, so if you see any ridiculous jokes in there, know that he’s the guilty one behind them. His obsessive attention to detail is perhaps his most definitive trait, along with his quirky sense of humour and his fondness for groanworthy puns.
A devout science fiction enthusiast, gamer and metalhead, he likes machines more than he likes most people, and suffers from crippling social anxiety. However, when in a pinch, he always comes through as the resident cavalry, like the big fluffy brother that he is.